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Love Desserts - Dessert-All-You-Can place in Banawe Q.C.

I read a lot of reviews of blogs and Facebook accounts about an "all-you-can-eat" dessert place in Banawe Ave. It has been in my mind lately, seeing as the place looked awesome and the food looks heavenly as well. So today, I decided to venture into exploring unfamiliar territories just to get myself unlimited cakes, never mind that my direction skills are not great, nor do I have enough money with me if ever I get lost.

Surprisingly, the directions were just simple, it didn't even make my teeny weeny brain ache. To those who will come from Taft Avenue, and will be commuting, there are 2 ways on how to get here. I'll just state here the one we used since it is more familiar.

Our route:

1. From anywhere along Taft Avenue, ride a bus/fx to SM Fairview. Your destination would be Banaue. The fare is usually 18 for aircon buses, 13 for standard buses, and 25 for fx. Don't ask the drivers and conductors because they have this tendency to overcharge passengers who don't know. *wink wink*

2. The driver would usually say if you're in Banaue already, but if not, just look at the road signs. ^^ You'll know you're in the right place when you see McDonalds on your left accompanied with a fairly "okay" overpass.

3. Take the overpass and when you're on the other side, ride a jeepney heading to "Del Monte". The jeepneys to Del Monte will either go straight ahead and you'll be seeing Love Desserts on your left, or it will turn left sometime in the journey after which all the passengers will have to go down. In the event that the jeepney turns left (just like what happened to us a while ago), don't panic and just start walking towards the original direction of the jeepney.

4. If you are on the right track, you'll be seeing Causeway on your left next to an intersection. 

5. Walk straight ahead.

6. After 30-40 meters of walking, look to your left and tadaaah! ♥

So we arrived at Love Desserts around 5:30-ish. Was kind of surprised because there are lots of people already, most of them being students (from UST I think?).

They have 2 main sections, the first one being the "solid food" section and the other one which contained some other stuff.

1st section: empanada (which you can reheat at the oven), butter cupcake (?), some weird pastry which idk, brownies, champorado (gelatinous rice mixed in chocolate) and a pastry that has a blueberry (?) filling

They changed their cakes twice while we were there. The first batch we saw was a strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse. Next, the Mousse was replaced by that cake on the right. And later, the strawberry shortcake was replaced by that mango cream cake. I didn't  get to taste the mango and the strawberry shortcake.

Some gelatin with different colors (as what my friend told me, they are just plain colors...) 

3rd stop: Butter cake, Fruit salad, another fruit salad, sylvanas, singkamas with bagoong, and fruits like apple, orange, banana and longan (?). There used to be banana fritters there but I guess it was popular that it was gone?


Crepe station! :) 
They have peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and another fruit which I forgot. They also have syrup such as chocolate, strawberry, toffee and a chocolate spread to go along with it. 

I actually don't know what the chocolate fondue was for. It has no finger food to go along with it. Fine, it has stick-O's but aside from that, nothing else. Just marshmallows.

Today, they had a weird selection of ice creams. They had sweet corn, calamansi sherbet, buko salad, buko pandan, bubble gum mallows, and coffee. None of which can be converted to milkshake nor can be included in a crepe so I was a bit sad, tbh. The chocolate and coffee were outstanding, the only issue I had with it was the texture of the ice cream itself. For me, it felt more like ice rather than ice cream. Taste-wise though, it's really good! :)

Milk tea, iced tea and halo halo section! :) 

Their cutesy utensils! ^^ 


Ok, after showing you the pictures, let's now go to the review of the food me and my friend actually ate. :D

This ice cream tasted really good! Again, I am complaining of the texture of the ice cream, it separates easily and not with the creamy texture of a typical ice cream, but otherwise, it's nice!

First plate: Sylvanas, brownies, butter brownies(?), eclair, crinkles.
For me, the Sylvanas was a big hit. It was buttery, and it tasted more like Sansrival than Sylvanas. But the texture and the composition was just right. I actually like it (said this for emphasis LOL)! The brownies and the butter brownies are okay, it tasted like normal brownies to me, nothing exceptional, tbh. The eclairs were a bit bleh, i don't know if it's just me though. The chocolate did not taste like chocolate at all, and the inside of the bread was...airy? well, not really outstanding. The crinkles were just okay too, nothing special.

IDK what this is, really. If it's tiramisu, then the icing on top is a bit too buttery for my liking.

My friend got this Bubblegum ice cream. She said it was okay at the start, but too much of it is not really good for the stomach. XD
 When I tasted the bubblegum ice cream, it tasted artificial.

Second plate: The chocolate mousse was overall, okay. The chiffon cake at the bottom was actually very nice. It was soft, moist and chocolatey yet the sweetness was just right for me. The icing was a bland and totally flavorless, to say the least. I expected it to be creamy, or at least vanilla-ish but when I tasted it, there was nothing in it, at all! The other pastry was nice too! It had this yummy berry flavor that compensated for the otherwise, rough texture of the pastry.

My friend said the crepe was really nice! The strawberry and blueberry were delicious, but she said she would've liked it better if they put whipped cream or ice cream in it as well.

3rd plate: Sylvanas (I told you I liked it!), the weird pastry which I don't know the name of, and another cake idk the name of. 
So the pastry was just plain. The dough was flavorful, however, it is a bit dry for me. Could've been better if they put fillings in it, I guess? The cake was nice though! Again, the icing was flavorless, but the caramel bits on top and the chocolate chiffon made up for it big time! :D

Their milk tea was so nice for me. 8(
I am not really fond of sweet milk teas since I find them artificial. However, LD's milk tea was leaning more on the tea side rather than on the milk side. You can distinguish the tea flavor in it even in just one sip. :D I had 5 glasses of this, actually... Don't judge! *hides*

My friend said their cappuccino was nice too! It tasted a bit stronger than the usual cappuccino, however, it didn't make it less delicious than the typical ones! I'd love to try their coffee to review the taste by myself too. Maybe next time?

Picture when we are about to go home~ :D ♥ Till next time, Love Desserts!
When I said I'd go back, it wasn't really a lie. Haha! I went there a couple of times after, and each time, I taste something new if ever I find one.

Last time I went there with my friends, I finally had a taste of their "milkshake". Saying that it disappointed me is a bit harsh, but I really didn't expect it to be that way. Anyway, here is the picture.

I was the one who ordered the chocolate one and my friends ordered the vanilla and the mango flavored ones. I first went to the ice cream station to look for the available ice cream flavors for my milkshake, when I asked one of the lady staff there what ice cream are available for milkshake, she asked me in return, "Ano ma'am?" with a really blank face. I even thought I made myself stupid when I asked that, since the chocolate flavored ice cream was already there. I told her "Ano pong ice cream ung pwedeng imilk shake? Ano po bang flavors ung available?". Seemingly more confused, the lady staff again asked me, "Ma'am, ano po ba? Ice cream or milkshake?"

That confused me. So I just told her I wanted chocolate milkshake and she told me to just wait at my table and it will just be served.

When the milkshake arrived, I was very disappointed. It isn't a milkshake to begin with! It's just a generic chocolate shake which used too much water, ice, sugar, and too much powdery chocolate. I couldn't even enjoy the chocolate because all I can taste was the sickening sweetness of it. Too say I was underwhelmed is an understatement.

The same goes with my friends. They said the vanilla shake tasted like cough syrup, and the mango shake tasted weird as well. So I took the liberty of tasting all of their milkshakes and I felt better having ordered chocolate over theirs.

The vanilla shake indeed tasted like cough syrup or some type of medicine. The mango shake tasted nothing like mango, and I couldn't even explain the taste of it. It's... plain weird. They all have a common denominator though, they're all sickeningly sweet.

So if you wanted to be adventurous and try their milkshakes, please settle for the chocolate ones. (I'd still go for their milk tea anytime, though!)

Love, MEI.


  1. Replies
    1. hahahaha!!! ♥ it's 199 pesos. :D inclusive of everything! ^^

  2. the "weird pastry" it's a Cream Puff :)

    1. Really? how can it be a cream puff when it doesn't have cream inside? DD:

    2. then i think its called a puff pastry. :) ~

    3. ooh! :D a puff pastry it is then! :D ♥

  3. Halo! :D Where you really strictly allowed to stay there only upto 2 hours?

    1. correction: Were you ... :D

    2. Hi! When I went there, we stayed for 5 hours and they didn't shoo us away or anything. But when my friends went there, around 2-3 weeks after we did, they said they really were implementing the 2-hr rule~ You can still enjoy the buffet and you'd still get the value for your money though! Since my friends still enjoyed it even with just that amount of time. :3 (Also, they suddenly weren't that strict when the rush hour came too! XD)

  4. do you know how to get there if youre from sm north edsa? thanks in advance ! :)

    1. The safest route I can recommend (since I am geographically challenged and I do not live in QC) is you guys riding an fx/jeepney from SM North to Espana, and then getting off at Banawe to ride a jeep going to Del Monte. This time, you'll be looking at your right for the McDonalds store. I'll still ask a friend who lives in QC though! We can never tell if there are much easier ways! :)

  5. when is the best time to visit there? yun bang walang gaanong tao at hindi kami mag-aantay nang matagal. we planning to go there this coming weekend. thanks sa mag-rerecommend. ;-)

    1. Hi~ the best time to go there would probably be around 2-3pm. :) Kasi mga 4-5pm dumadating na ung mga students. :))

  6. thank you.. this is very informative..

  7. may alam ka po ba na eat-all-you-can na 150? ung puro desert po



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